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Due to decks being exposed to the elements all year round, it’s a good idea to keep up with your deck while preventing expensive repairs.

To prolong the life of your deck and preserve its beauty, cleaning and maintenance tasks should be performed on an annual basis. Depending on your decking material, follow the care and maintenance guidelines below to keep your deck looking great. Neglecting to care for your deck every year can greatly reduce the functionality, possibly causing you to need to replace the deck many years before you would otherwise have to.

Timbertech Azek Composite

Timbertech Azek composite decking is designed to mimic the look of natural wood. It is also lower maintenance and only requires cleaning twice a year to keep it looking its best. Use products designed specifically for deck cleaning, and avoid using a hose nozzle that exceeds 1000 psi to prevent damage to your deck and to bring out its color and texture.

Care and Maintenance Details


Many people still choose to pressure wash their cedar decks and if this is something you want to use, we suggest renting one if you do not own one already.  When/if renting, you will want to get a pressure washer that allows for the use of chemical cleaners. When spraying, make sure to keep the nozzle about 10 inches away from the wood and maintain a steady momentum – always start with a test area in a step or discrete area.

Care and Maintenance Details


Use a cleaner specifically formulated for composite material. Attack grease and oil stains with a commercial degreaser and detergents. Scrub with a soft brush. We strongly advise you not to use a pressure washer because it can permanently damage the decking and will void any warranty. Remove rust and leaf stains with a deck brightener containing oxalic acid.

Care and Maintenance Details


No matter the type of project or structure, cleaning redwood is a simple and easy task. For day-to-day, surface-level dirt, grime, and debris, all you need for cleaning redwood is a garden hose – simply rinse off the affected area when you notice build-up. In some situations dirt and grime may collect and build up on your redwood structure. When a simple rinsing won’t quite do the trick, get a stiff-bristled brush and a bucket of warm water mixed with a mild detergent, and scrub the affected area. This should clean up most caked-on dirt and grime.

Care and Maintenance Details

Pressure Treated Wood

To keep a pressure treated wood deck in good condition, it will need to be cleaned periodically using mild soap or deck cleaner and a pressure washer set on a low pressure setting. Then you will want to inspect the deck, drive in any protruding nails or screws, and replace any warped boards. Finally, seal or stain the deck to protect it from rain and sun using a quality deck sealer or stain.

Care and Maintenance Details

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