Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Simple Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Like a Tropical Vacation

Spending More Time In Your Own Backyard

Tropical vacation or a cruise to the islands sound fantastic right now.  Unfortunately, we will all have to wait a bit longer to resume our travel plans and enjoy international destinations once again.  In the meantime, we have our families, our homes and beautiful weather to be grateful for.  Here are a few simple ideas on how to transform you outdoor living space to make if feel like a tropical destination.

1 | Defined Spaces

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Even with a limited amount of space you can create defined spaces in your backyard.  Find an area for dining, entertaining and relaxing by the fire.  Use area rugs to help with separation of those spaces.

2 | Comfortable Furniture

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Without a doubt investing into more comfortable furniture is the right decision.  Think abut how you entertain guests and your family, and select a set that best fits your needs.

3 | Fire Pit or Fireplace

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

A fire-pit or a fireplace are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. It’s nearly a must for a cooler evening or an early fall day.  If you have a space large enough, you can incorporate brick or stone surround and seating.  Free standing options are also great and give you more flexibility.  Just remember to cover or store them for the winter.

4 | Plants

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Plants are one of the more crucial elements if you are really going for a tropical feel on your patio or a deck. Investing into palm plants is very inexpensive. You can find them at your local greenhouse or even at a home improvement store.  It’s worth to plant them in grand containers to achieve a more dramatic look.

5 | Small Spaces

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a large space to work with.  Even small outdoor spaces can be relaxing and appealing. It all comes down to your decor. Adding a french swing patio door can connect your indoor spaces to the outdoors in a seamless way.

6 | Pergolas

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Pergolas give a great sense of a defined space and they can also help with protection from the sun.

7 | Light the Space

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

For those evening visitors or spending time with your significant other don’t forget to add landscape lighting.

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