Kitchen Designs Trends for 2022

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First, let’s start by saying that a personal style and your love of the gathering space in your home are far more important than trends that usually come and go (hence we call them trends!).  Luckily, this year we are clearly seeing a movement towards a more traditional approach and focus on timeless designs that will translate well into the future. Here are the top 4 trends we believe will take the center stage.

Color in Place of all White

The overall color themes for 2022 are definitely leaning towards bolder choices. While all white and shades of light gray have dominated over the years, other colors are becoming a new norm.  The rise of green and blue is certainly in the cards. Most kitchen and interior designers are recommending pairing neutral tones with strong colors, like deep greens and blues.

You will see a mix of natural wood tones like oak and maple used in the island cabinetry, and bolder colors used for the remaining cabinets in the kitchen allowing to create a balance and warmth in your space. Sneaking a piece of antique furniture to use as an island is also an option.

Interesting Backsplash Tile

More color also means that patterned tiles and more unique shapes are going to see a big welcome.  Expect to see interesting backsplashes and patterns on the floor. Think of these accents as an expression of your personality and using it as an art installation to make a great impact. Different textures, shapes and dimensions will be a big departure from the classic subway tile that have dominated over the last few years.

Hidden Appliances and More Functionality

This trend is not a new concept in many European countries, but it finally made it’s way over to the US. We are not going to display our appliances but rather make them blend into the cabinetry to create interiors that feel more like rooms and not kitchens. Two separate dishwashers and two drawer dishwashers are a big hit as we are leaning even more to convenience and clean spaces since the island has to double as a “zoom” meeting desk. Cabinet appliance fronts that match the rest of the cabinetry and blend seamlessly are here to stay.

Multifunctional kitchen designs

Kitchen islands are just a start. The need to create a true social hub in the kitchen has been under experiment for a while now.  This means that bigger kitchens where you can cook, dine, socialize and even work will dominate. Unlike in the past when urban kitchens remained functionally small, that is changing too, and likely to gain an even bigger foothold. Expect an even stronger desire for a social place in the kitchen in 2022. Perhaps a desire for double islands, bigger diners, and even a working space.

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