9 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Start Now

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Warm-weather makeover ideas to boost the style and efficiency of your home.

Now that the winter season is (finally!) behind us and warm weather is fast approaching, here are nine summer home improvement projects that you can start now:

  • Repair winter damage
  • Insulate the attic
  • Landscape the yard
  • Install an outdoor kitchen
  • Build a deck
  • Screen in the porch
  • Organize the garage
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Replace energy-inefficient windows

These remodeling projects will enhance both the style and energy efficiency of your home so you and your family can enjoy the summer months ahead. Let’s take a closer look at these home improvement ideas for summer below.

1. Repair winter damage

Frigid winter elements can wreak havoc on your home. From ice dams to blowing snow and heavy winds, Wisconsin’s extreme conditions can especially compromise your siding, roof, foundation, gutters, windows, and doors. Check for warping, peeling paint, cracks, mold, mildew, drafts, and other damage, and call on a home remodeling professional to help you assess and repair them.
Check out 5 signs of winter home damage here.

2. Insulate the attic

Many older Madison-area homes are not properly insulated. If you’re too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, or are spending too much on your utility bills, think about adding attic insulation to your list of summer home improvement projects. Not only can it make your home more comfortable, save on heating and cooling costs, and improve the value of your home, but attic insulation can also protect your home from ice dams that can lead to expensive home repairs down the road.
Looking to turn your attic into usable square footage? Check out these inventive and unexpected attic remodel ideas here.

3. Landscape the yard

Your yard can be a place to relax on warm summer days, an area for your children to play, a pet-friendly oasis, or the hotspot where friends and neighbors gather. Regardless of how you decide to use your yard, updated landscaping can make it a beautiful and inviting extension of your home.
Check out these backyard landscaping ideas for inspiration.

4. Install an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are perfect home remodeling projects for cool summer entertaining and dining al fresco. Whether you’re an aspiring foodie, bonafide chef, or a spatula-swinging grill master, a custom outdoor kitchen can help you create all your summer culinary creations without ever stepping foot indoors.
Get ideas for a chef-inspired kitchen for your backyard with our outdoor kitchen ideas infographic here.

5. Build a deck

If you don’t have a deck, it’s the ideal time to build one. With our deck design and construction services, you can opt for a treated lumber, natural cedar, or composite deck materials that can help you create a beautiful and functional area to enjoy your summer. If you already have a wood deck, give it some TLC by following these deck maintenance tips.
Short on space? Check out these smart small deck ideas.

6. Screen in the porch

Screening in your porch is a quick and affordable home remodeling project that adds more livable space for enjoying the outdoors without the burden of insects, wind and debris, and harmful UV rays. Whether you have a front or back porch you’d like to screen in, our porch design and construction services can help you make your dream a reality.
Discover the benefits of adding a screened porch here.

7. Organize the garage

Garage overhauls are a home remodeling trend we continue to fawn over. After all, a clean and clutter-free garage can make more room for your cars and belongings, help you find stored items quicker, and improve your family’s safety. If you’ve been thinking about a garage update, now is the time to purge and organize.
Learn how to make the most of your garage with our clever garage storage ideas infographic here.

8. Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can help keep your home comfortable and cool in the summer. With affordable models available to suit every design taste, you can reap all the cooling benefits of ceiling fans without compromising your style and budget. Install ceiling fans in most any living area of your home, including bedrooms, home offices, and family rooms.
From modern to traditional and everything in between, check out these designer ceiling fan picks here.

9. Replace energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows by Renewal by Andersen® can protect your home from losing cool indoor air so you can reduce your summer cooling costs. If your windows are cracked, warped, or allowing warm air in, learn how you can choose the right replacement windows for you.
Discover the benefits of adding energy efficient windows to your summer home remodeling plan here.

You’re now ready to conquer these summer home improvement projects so you can kick back and relax all season long.


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