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Home Storage and Organization Ideas for Your Whole House [Infographic]

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A blueprint for transforming wasted space in every room in your home.

Whether you live in a small home where you need to maximize space or are simply trying to be more organized, our home storage ideas will help you avoid wasted space and create a tidy environment. Keep reading to learn our recommendations for the best home storage solutions for every room in your home.

Kitchen | Reach- or Walk-In Pantry

If your kitchen has an awkward layout without enough storage, work with a professional kitchen remodeler who can reconfigure your space to create a reach-in or walk-in pantry. Not only will you add a useful place to store nonperishable food and supplies, but you will also increase the appeal and value of your home.

Living Room | Built-In Shelving

If your living room is cluttered with books and other items, beautiful built-in shelving is a classic home storage solution. In addition to keeping your belongings organized, shelving can add charming character to your living space.

Hallway | Coat Closet

Do you have coats draped over your furniture or hanging from the banister? Add more organization to your hallway with a coat closet. Usually about 3 to 4 feet wide and feature a hanging rod with overhead shelving, coat closets are not only ideal for organizing outdoor gear, but also cleaning supplies and other odds and ends.

Staircase | Under-Stair Bookshelf

The triangular area beneath your staircase does not have to be wasted space! You can transform it into a stunning and functional under-stair bookshelf. Painting or staining the shelves to match your trim can make this built-in storage idea look like it’s an original feature of your home.

Bathroom | Storage Vanity

Bathrooms with pedestal sinks lack precious storage space in a critical room of the home. Replacing your pedestal sink with a storage vanity is a home storage idea that will give you ample room to discretely store toilet paper, cleaning supplies, linens, and other bathroom accessories.

Bedroom | Window Storage Seat

If bedroom clutter is driving you crazy, add architectural interest and charm with a window storage seat. Usually installed with a bay or bow window, window seats not only offer an added place to rest, but also a convenient spot to store extra blankets, pillows, and seasonal décor.
Interested in more ideas for your master bedroom?

Garage | Wall Organizer

If your sporting equipment and garden tools are scattered around your garage, a wall organizer can transform wasted wall space into handy storage. From hooks and shelves to drawers and cabinets, you can customize the organizer to the size of your garage and type of objects you need to store.

With these home storage and organization ideas, you can take full advantage of all the space in your home.

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