The Living Room Colors You’ll See Everywhere in 2019

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The living room is one of the most used spaces in a home, yet may not be on the top of your list for home remodel projects. No wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas and we want to show you the latest trending paint colors for 2019 to get you inspired. You’ll be surprised at some of the latest paint colors and how easily you can incorporate them in your current design and personal style.

With the new year in full effect, here are the latest living room trends listed below:

Matte Black

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Matte Black is a classic twist on the modern neutral surrounding look with pops of contrast throughout the room. Whether it’s lighting, furniture, or artwork, matte black can be mixed in with other neutral shades including browns, beiges, and gold. It’s a warm new look that’s fresh for any living room.

Lilac Gray

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2019’s lilac undertone shade is this years most classic paint colors if you are looking for a modern neutral tone for your living room. Lilac gray is considered a gender neutral color and there are varying shades of gray to choose from that is a subtle look and best suits your room.

Dark Greens

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This deep green color trend can give you the power of nature in your home while setting the mood with a strong underlying tone. If a dark shade of green is the look you want for your space, we suggest using this only if you have a larger room that is well-lit to avoid the room from looking smaller than it is. Another tip to consider before choosing a darker shade of color such as green, take time to think about what works with your taste and lifestyle that enables your personality shine through your space.

New Blues

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Charcoal blue, ice blue, gray-blue, and a very pale powder blue are in this year and great options when looking for paint colors that are unique yet subtle enough to not take over a room. With an endless amount of alternative blue paint color ideas available, there’s no limit to the number of options you have to design your space.

Mustard Accents

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For those looking for a pop of color and an alternative to gold, deep mustard is great for instantly creating rich focal accents and make for smart paint colors for accent walls and even trim. If you are new to using this color, you can always smart out small and add subtle amounts of mustard to your space and determine if this is the color for you.

Ceilings with Spark

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Who says ceilings don’t get a cool new look? By adding a splash of wallpaper or an unexpected pop of color is a unique way to draw your guests to your living space and gives an extra twist on the standard white ceiling.


Other design elements trending in 2019

Colors can control the mood of a space, but for next level enhancement, consider accenting by introducing a unique couch or personal artwork.

Colorful Couches

If there’s one item of furniture you should never skimp on, it’s the living room sofa. That said, because couches are often a pricey investment, homeowners tend to gear towards warm neutral colors, but why not go for something bold? Bold is in and makes as a strong center piece for your new and improved living room.

Large-Scale Art

One of more resurgent trends of the year if re-painting isn’t an option is large-scale artwork. Adding a beautiful piece of art will light up the room, adding a splash of color to your space. You can add modern or abstract art or even add in your own personal photography as a large visual center piece on your wall. Adding a single larger piece adds so much to your room but also makes your décor look simple, yet modern.

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