What You Need To do If Your Washing Machine Freezes

What You Need To Know If Your Washing Machine Freezes

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This winter season has been nothing but full of surprises with sudden temperature drops, freezing rain and the inevitable blizzards. If you are a homeowner, you may be worrying about your pipes, windows, etc. but have you thought about your washing machine? If your washing machine is located near or in your garage where temperatures get below freezing, your machine may be at risk for potential damage from water freezing over the season. By knowing exactly how to prevent damage to your washer, it will help your appliance last an extended time.


Water Expansion

If the temperature in your washing machine drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a strong chance that the water inside your machine could potentially freeze. This implies the liquid turns to a solid and in doing so can start to expand. The water in your machine is commonly in a confined part of the washer and the ice that has expanded can cause the other components to crack or break below the pressure of the solid that has expanded. The various components including the hoses and pump contain a smaller quantity of water and can are likely to burst when frozen in relation to pipes bursting in a home. This could result in damage to the machine and leaks that require a repair.

Water Draining

The most effective way to ensure your washer from any damage this season is to completely empty it of any water. If there is not any water in the machine, there is nothing to freeze and the cold should not harm the unit.  The first step in the draining process to to detach the water supply lines. You should then run a spin cycle to force out the maximum amount of water and disconnect the drain. We suggest tipping the machine back and forth to make sure any trapped water has been drained completely.

Hot Water Solution

You may not want to detach your hoses and dry out your machine if you plan to use it for laundry no matter the fluctuation of temperatures. If your washer is If you use your washer for your regular laundry needs and do not want to shut it down for the winter, make sure to use it regularly in order to prevent freezing. Turn the water on the “hot” setting and run occasionally including days you are not washing a load. The hot water will keep any ice from forming and freezing.

Shut Off Supply

Whenever you have plans that require you to be away from your home, you may be at risk of freezing so make sure you shut off the water supply to your washing machines and all other alternative appliances.


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