5 Reasons Custom Windows Are the Right Choice For Your Home

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Known for our energy efficient offerings and reliable, quality backed installation, Renewal by Andersen® windows have always offered our customers a wide selection of window styles. That includes a full selection of expertly crafted Andersen specialty windows, each one crafted to meet the aesthetic needs of homeowners with a designer’s eye.

There are many reasons to choose a specialty window. Spatial constraints often require a uniquely shaped window, or you may choose a specialty window in order to highlight an eye-catching architectural feature. But there are plenty of reasons why specialty windows may be exactly the window solution you’ve been looking for to help you make your home look – and feel – its best.

Cut Your Energy Costs 

Energy efficient windows are critical for managing heat loss. Windows that aren’t efficient, or aren’t customized for your unique space and lifestyle, can mean you’re literally throwing good money out the window. Windows can account for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, which means that a 45% more energy efficient window could cut your energy costs by a large margin.

Add Value to Your Home

Updating old windows or doors with custom windows will automatically add value to your home. Buyers look to the windows of a home to provide curb appeal, and also as a measure of the condition of the home. Research shows that updated windows in a home can increase its value by tens of thousands of dollars. They’re a great way to gain a competitive edge in a tough market.

Update Your Design 

New replacement windows can transform the look of your home, and a specialty custom window can have an even greater visual impact. Maybe you’re refreshing your windows to match new decor or complementing your recent remodel. Perhaps you’re replacing inferior products or worse, moldy sills and glass with fresh, new, custom designed windows. Either way, custom windows can completely revitalize your home’s look and feel.

Add Light and Space

Custom windows can bring much needed light to a room. Our team of specialists can evaluate your current windows to change the shape and style so you can add more light, and even space, to your home. They can even help you add a window to an existing space.

Keep Your Home Healthy and Clean 

Older windows, especially those that haven’t been maintained, can be difficult to keep clean. Worse, they are often breeding grounds for mold, a word no homeowner wants associated with their property. Brand new custom windows can alleviate moisture problems that cause mold, as well as problems like broken seals, which can cause mold to grow between your double panes. Specialty windows can be designed with maintenance concerns in mind.

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