What Moms Need to Know About Cleaning and Replacing Windows for the Spring Season

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Spring is a great time for cleaning out the garage, picking up the yard and cleaning your windows. Over the winter, things can get really cluttered so now’s the time to start spring cleaning around the house including your windows. The cold weather becomes an excuse not to clean the yard, garage or windows but as a busy mom, now’s the time to get those tasks done so you can feel ready for the warmer months ahead!


Home Maintenance Tips

Though some household chores are tedious and time consuming, it’s a good idea to tackle them early in the spring, so you can relax and enjoy the summer months. Window cleaning is a task that may that seem boring, but it actually gives you an opportunity to check around your window frames to see if the seals are still intact. Cold, wintry weather can cause the rubber and seals around your windows to break down, which can cause your electric bills to rise. Additionally, this can also allow dirt, debris and insects to get inside. Leaks and cracks around windows and doors may cause wood deterioration. Condensation between the panes of glass in double-pane windows should be addressed immediately. If left unaddressed for too long, you will likely need to replace those windows. 


Clean Window Screens

While you’re cleaning the windows, why not take out the screens and clean them too? Most screens are pretty straightforward to remove. All you have to do is simply prop them up against the side of the house, and give them a good scrubbing with a non-abrasive brush and a household cleaner. Spray both sides with the water hose and allow them to dry before putting them back up. If your windows vary a great deal in size, either mark where each screen came from or leave them sitting directly underneath the window in which they belong.

Washing Tips

You’ll need some clean, dry cloths and a spray bottle of window cleaning solution. If you wish for an environmentally friendly option (which we recommend), then a solution of warm water and vinegar will do the trick and get your windows clean. Certain brands and styles of windows are easier to scrub than others but our windows provide several easy-to-clean choices that will make the job of cleaning your windows easy. For example, our Double-Hung Windows tilt inward, making cleaning the exterior of your windows effortless. To learn more about the different style windows offered, click here


So, for all you moms out there, if your windows and doors are starting to look worn, it may be time to consider replacing them. Andersen- Exclusive Fibrex replacement windows are available in both custom and standard sizes. you’ll be able to choose between several designs such as Double-hung, Casement, Bay, slippy and more. We also provide a variety of finishes to choose from like wood grain and unlimited custom exterior colors. Our energy-efficient windows are stylish and can fit to any style home. If safety is a concern, tempered safety glass is available on all Andersen products. Plus, if you do see any problems with your windows, you can easily contact us and we will set up a service appointment right away.

If you’re ready to purchase replacement windows or doors for your home, schedule your free, in-home estimate with Waunakee Remodeling today.


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