What Should You Ask Before Buying New Windows?

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Window Buying Process

This MomsEverday Madison video and article first appeared on NBC15.com on April 8, 2019 and can be accessed at: www.nbc15.com

Whether you want to replace your older windows with a larger size, a different color or you’re just after better energy efficiency, replacing aging windows can both add beauty and economy to your home. The replacement window market continues to see a strong demand. But before you jump in, make sure you do your homework.

“I feel like I am an educator here at Waunakee Remodeling,” said Raya Clements, Project Consultant. “I want to make sure that I am addressing the major issues that people need to realize and help them understand what is extremely important when purchasing windows.”

Clements helps walk buyers through the process and navigate many decisions so it’s not overwhelming and buyers avoid mistakes.

“Your home is the largest investment that you have and as moms I feel like your time is always important and making sure that you’re installing a window to go in your home that’s done right the first time is really important,” Clements said.

Part of the challenge when it comes to buying a replacement window is that if you are a first time window buyer you likely have no idea what questions you should be asking.

“Absolutely! Where do you start? Some of the questions people should be asking include things like, how is that window being installed into the opening,” Clements said. “At Waunakee Remodeling we do it one of two ways. In one method we go down to your studs, insulate that cavity and start over with all new trim and jam too. So if dogs or kids tear away at that trim it’s nice to just get all new wood around there. The other method is an insert. That is where you insert a new window into your old frame.”

“Those two methods to install are extremely important to know about and ask questions about ahead of time while you’re shopping,” Clements said.


Window Selection Options

Buyers will also need to find out how the windows are made and what they are made of. Chances are you want to get the most up to date technology but choose a look that fits your home.

“Making sure that it’s a well built window is extremely important,” Clements said. “How do you do that? Look at the corners, at the 90 degree corners. Is that glued together right there? Or is it welded together? You have to make sure to investigate all of the components to the window because there is a lot that goes into windows.”

“Another major factor is material,” Clements said. “What is it made of? Are you choosing a material that is going to hold your glass in place? That is really important. Making sure it’s set in place is key to a functioning window.”

And finally you need to educate yourself on all of the components of the window and what’s making it work. Are they convenient to use?

“The components are things like your weather stripping, your screens you hardware. Is it quality or is it something that’s a little bit more disposable that you’ll have to replace 10 years down the road,” Clements said.

Purchasing windows is a big investment that you want to last in your home for many years to come. You want to make a good choice and avoid mistakes.

“I hear people talk about value a lot. They’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest option and they don’t need a Cadillac of the windows either. They want something that’s a good investment that’s going to be wise and something they can see the value in for years down the road.”

You don’t have to make these decisions in a showroom. Clements will visit your home to help with the process.

“I really enjoy popping into peoples homes and what an appointment looks like is I will go over the details of each window because each one is different, and each opening is different,” Clements said.

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