Do Replacement Windows Increase Your Home’s Value?

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Most people look to bathroom or kitchen renovations as a way to increase the value of their home, but these are not the only ways to do it. There’s another home improvement project that can increase your home’s value: replacement windows.
Cost-vs-Value for Remodeling Projects

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost Vs. Value Report, window replacement is just behind kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects when it comes to the cost-to-value ratio at 61.4%. In some cases, window replacement is a major improvement because the original windows that came with a home were merely an afterthought at the time of building. Replacing them with better-performing windows can add immediate value to your home while helping recoup part of the project cost over the lifetime of the new windows.

How Can Replacement Windows Increase Home Value?

So how do replacement windows contribute to your home’s value? Let’s start with the ones that have a direct effect on your budget:

  • Upgrade Value – Adding new windows and doors immediately bring value in a resale situation to any home. Most house hunters are looking for turnkey properties with major projects completed like kitchen remodels or newer windows, siding, and roofing to ensure the home is good condition for many years to come.
  • Energy Savings – Inefficient windows are the most common culprits of high heating and cooling costs. This is because entry-level windows are equipped with single-pane or uninslated double pane glass, which can allow thermal transfer to happen. Thermal transfer causes heat loss during heating seasons and heat gain during cooling seasons. As the HVAC system consumes more energy to make up for the temperature difference, it consumes more fuel and energy, resulting in higher utility costs. Energy-efficient replacement windows can help improve insulation in these problem areas, which can ultimately result in energy savings. ENERGY STAR®-certified replacement windows may also make you eligible for rebates or tax credits.
  • Maintenance Costs – Entry-level windows require frequent repainting or have low-quality hardware that may need to be replaced every so often. Investing in low-maintenance windows can help reduce required maintenance and its associated cost and effort. Also, the reduced strain on your HVAC system, as described above, may result in lower HVAC maintenance costs and lower risks of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Peace of Mind – If you’re not in it for the monetary value, something has to be said about how replacement windows can give you peace of mind. The aforementioned benefit to your HVAC system means your home will be more comfortable overall. The right selection of window styles and frames can boost your home’s curb appeal. And, if you ever decide to sell your home, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to settle for a low list price.


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