The Latest Counter Top Trends for 2019

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If you are looking to do a remodel in the new year or just want to make a change to your kitchen, we want you to be informed of the latest and most popular trends of 2019!

Listed below are this year’s latest counter top trends that will make your kitchen look modern and elegant.


Quartz is an extremely strong and low maintenance material that homeowners are raving about for 2019. Quartz is currently available in several different colors and patterns that display a natural tone if your kitchen calls for a more neutral look. One of the most popular trends many homeowners are talking about is a matte finishing. In the new year, the makers of Quartz plan to increase the amount of counter top products and continue this popular trend throughout the year.

Kitchen Sink Styles

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This modern counter top stands out in any kind of household and features one of the latest trends: a new, modern and over-sized sink! This is a great design in terms of functionality and complements nicely with an over-sized fridge. Elegant and modern styles of sinks are considered one of the latest trends for 2019 and will be in high demand moving forward.

Neutral Tones

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When adding or changing decor in a kitchen, many homeowners today are sticking to neutral tone colors for their kitchen. Homeowners tend to focus on displaying certain aspects of their kitchen and choosing a neutral background that features natural light enhances the entire room. To get more natural light to stream in, homeowners are installing larger windows, skylights and folding glass door wall systems in their kitchens. The result is a bright and modern look that even helps the area of the kitchen look larger in size.

Back Splash

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Back Splashes are a fun way to add a unique look to your space that stands out from the rest of the overall kitchen design. There are always new styles trending and we want to share with you what is new and fresh. Homeowners are moving towards larger slabs of tiles and tiles with various textures or patterns. The color choices are endless and there is a color for every unique style of kitchen and personality. A pop of color never hurts anyone and  allows you to get more creative with your design. Neutral patterns with a natural texture is another option for those looking for more of a classic look.

Counter Tops with Character

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If you are looking for a distinctive design to your counter top, now’s the time to get creative. Technology advances today have made it possible to have a more unique look to a counter top rather than just a generic look that doesn’t display your style or character through your kitchen. These types of unique counter tops are available in different materials and patterns such as Quartz. This specific material resembles a national stone such as marble and granite. The counter top featured above displays the work of creating veins in unique patterns, making the counter top a beautiful centerpiece in your kitchen.


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